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Mediocre Golf Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

Fun episode!
  • (2:00) Mediocre Observations - Eddie is frustrated by a bed & breakfast lacking a television in his room / Adam bit his tongue. Ouch! / Adam wants to reshape the narrative on the word "damp"
  • (14:30) Eddie plays Northwest, and realizes that some of his worst rounds start with a birdie. 
  • (23:25)  Adam plays...

Mar 7, 2023

Adam has the week off, so David joins Eddie as a guest host, and the guys discuss:

  • (4:00) Mediocre Observations (David explains his frustration with; and Eddie discusses a very political dining debate)
  • (16:30) The guys play a round at Laytonsville, discuss their play, course conditions, some unusual weather,...

Feb 28, 2023

Fun episode!
  • (2:50) Mediocre Observations - Eddie hangs with a guy who uses F*** in every sentence / Adam admits to pronunciation issues with a word.
  • (10:50) Adam played Rattlewood on the 75* day
  • (14:25) Eddie and Adam play together at Northwest with Alex from the Beltway Golfer
  • (26:00) Mediocre Takes From the World...

Feb 14, 2023

Another fun episode, including:

(4:30) Mediocre Observations - Eddie's observastions on the evolution of poker conversations; Eddie loves kid's birthday parties at places like Main Event; Adam quizzes Eddie on famous people being "Dead or Alive," and a brief discusssion of Super Bowl food preferences

(21:00) Eddie plays...

Feb 7, 2023

Fun episode!
  • (3:20) Mediocre Observations - Eddie questions why dogs don't get vasectomies? / Eddie and Adam banter about side-sitting vs sitting across from a significant other / Adam talks about sneaking snacks into the movie theater
  • (21:25) Eddie and Adam play some good golf locally and are in really good moods...